Brian Turner Show, Episode 77, November 20, 2022

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KLINT -Youth – Existence (Goodbye Boozy, 2022)
VEIK – I7LI – Maïdan/I7LI  (Fuzz Club, 2022)
THE BUG – Satan (ft. Nazamba) – Absent Riddim (Pressure, 2022)
WHIPPETS – Kick – 7″ (Goodbye Boozy, 2022)
THE RABBITS – Bye Bye – The Rabbits (1984, re: Mesh-Key, 2022)
THE WILLIES – Third Stone From the Sun (Live at the Jetty, 3/26/85)
THE LO YO YO – Bad Intentions – Extra Weapons (1985, re: Staubgold, 2022)
IFTIN BAND – Sig Sig Nima (Come Closer) – Mogadishu’s Finest: The Al-Uruba Sessions (80s’ re: Ostinato, 2022)
WHITE+ – 43 (Falling Down) (Maybe Mars, 2022)
POSITIVE NOISE (w/KEITH LEVENE) – Darkness Visible – Heart of Darkness (Statik, 1981)
THE CLASH (w/KEITH LEVENE) – How Can I Understand the Flies (Live at the Roundhouse, 9/5/76)
SPRUNG AUS DEN WOLKEN – Noch Lange Nicht – Sprung Aus Den Wolken (1982 re: Bureau B, 2022)
PRINCE FAR I AND THE SUNS OF ARQA  Brujo Magic- Live at Band on the Wall 1982 (Arka Sound, 1999)
MICHIGAN & SMILEY – Eye of Danger – V/A: Studio One Rockers (1979, re: Soul Jazz, 2001)
MEAT PUPPETS – Light – Live KCRW SNAP Session 9/1/88
FADENSONNEN – Evening Slice – Heretic Vision (Fadensonnen, 2022)
DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE – Requiem For Gamma Ferric Oxide – Greaser In the Ghost Home (Tribe Tapes, 2022)
TERESA COS – Excerpt – The Archive of Loops: Broadcast (Hard Return 2022)
UN CADDIE RENVERSÉ DANS L’HERBE – Kuring, Kurang, Kurung (excerpt) – Nighturns (Cellule 75, 2022)
MY BROTHER NORMAN – Tape Excerpt (via Idm Theft Able site:
RICHARD DAWSON – The Fool – The Ruby Cord (Domino, 2022)
HEN OGLEDD – Gondoliers – Bronze (Drag City, 2023)
ROOFTOP GARDEN – Rooftop Garden – V/A: Thunk Gunk (cs, d.i.h.d, 2022)

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