Brian Turner Overdrive, Slack City/Totally Radio Brighton, Episode 8

New episode of a BONUS bi-weekly blast courtesy of an all new one hour adventure on Slack City Radio called Brian Turner Overdrive. You can stream it via Totally Radio’s site, live airtimes are every other Tuesday at 9am ET/2pm UK on Slack City but the stream is here. And a new 2 hour Brian Turner Show is coming this week in the usual spots.

MARTIN BISI – The Octave Bridge – Feral Myths (Black Freighter, 2022)
STRANGE ATTRACTOR – Alex Is a Nightbanger – Just Looking (FDZ, 2010)
THE FALL – Room To Live (Live 1982 NZ) – Fall In A Hole (Flying Nun, 1983)
THE JUMBLIES – Stuff of Dreams – 7″ (Flying Nun, 1984)
SEMAY WU – Midnight Peony – Raspberry Hotel (cs, Akashic, 2022)
PRADO – Error – Machines (Buh, 2022)
KONJUR COLLECTIVE – Spirit Realm – Blood In My Eye (A Soul Insurgent Guide) (Astral Spirits, 2022)
ASNAKECH WORKU – Sak Bleh Askegn – Asnakech (Awesome Tapes From Africa, 2018)
AK’CHAMEL, THE DIVINATORY MONKEY AND THE SOVEREIGN PLUMED SERPENT – Amazonian Tribes Mimicking The Sound of Chainsaws With Their Mouths – A Mournful Kingdom of Sand (Akuphone, 2022)
LIBEREZ – 419 Chop Your $ – All Tense Now Lax (Night School, 2015)
JACQUELINE NOVA – Creación de la Tierra (1972) – Creación de la Tierra: Ecos Palpitantes de Jacqueline Nova (1964-1974) (Buh, 2022)
EC BAND – EC Band 3 – The EC Band (Meakusma, 2022)

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