Brian Turner Overdrive, Slack City/Totally Radio Brighton, Episode 7

New episode of a BONUS bi-weekly blast courtesy of an all new one hour adventure on Slack City Radio called Brian Turner Overdrive. You can stream it via Totally Radio’s site, live airtimes are every other Tuesday at 9am ET/2pm UK on Slack City but the stream is here. And a new 2 hour Brian Turner Show is coming this week in the usual spots.

THEOREME – De Le Côte De L’Azur – L’Appel Du Midi A Midi Pile (Bruit Direct Disques, 2016)
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. – Bad Baby – Live Great Gildersleeves, NYC, 1980
TOBARI DAISUKE – 2:51 – ギター (cs, Eye Vybe, 2022)
GAL COSTA – Objeto Sim, Objeto Não – Gal (Phillips, 1969)
WAYNE POWELL OCTET – Tutzy – Plays Hallucination (1965, re: Tramp, 2022)
PLURAMON – Hintergrund (Mogwai Remix) – Bit Sand Riders (Mille Plateaux, 2000)
MUNCHI – Damu Mambo – The Mambo Detanao EP (cs, Nyege Nyege Tapes, 2022)
WORM FACTORY – Bleak Transmission – Untitled (cs, Radical Documents, 2022)
ELONMUSK – Excerpt – …As Your Wanderer Taps At The Invisible Gate (Worst Bassist, 2022)
NIK TURNER – Masters of the Universe – Live Great American Music Hall, SF, 1994
BERT JANSCH – Saranbande (BBC Radio 1, 1969) – Bert At the BBC, 8CD Box (Earth, 2022)

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