Brian Turner Overdrive has debuted on Brighton’s Slack City/Totally Radio, Episode 1

Starting today you get a BONUS bi-weekly blast courtesy of an all new one hour adventure on Slack City Radio called Brian Turner Overdrive. I’ve been kindly invited by their resident DJ’s Colin Newman and Malka Spiegel as well as Daniel Nathan to add some blackened sand to Brighton’s rocky beach and I couldn’t be happier. This show is in addition to my regular biweekly Brian Turner Show episodes, and has all different content. Hope you can tune in and spread the word, you can stream it via Totally Radio’s site, which sports some amazing shows from the likes of Cherry Red and Mr. Bongo Records, Graham Duff, and of course Colin and Malka’s wonderful Swimming In Sound. Live airtimes are every other Tuesday at 9am ET/2pm UK on Slack City but the stream will be linked here shortly after!

LYDIA LUNCH w/CLINT RUIN – What Is It – V/A: Better An Old Demon Than A New God (Giorno Poetry Systems, 1984)
PUPPET WIPES – A Web For Every Garden – The Stones Are Watching and They Can Be a Handful (Siltbreeze, 2022)
R.M.F.C. – Access – 7″ (Anti Fade, 2022)
GÖKÇEN KAYNATAN – Sihirbaz – V/A: Making Global Sounds Local (1973, re: Finders Keepers, 2022)
GOLDBLUM – Houten Boot – Goldblum (cs, NL, 2020)
VERY INC – Lost Christina of the Guitar Man – V/A: On-Slought No. 5 (cs, Idiosyncratics, 1984)
TALL DWARFS – The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (live at the Gluepot, Auckland) – 7″ (Forced Exposure, 1993)
BESOIN DEAD – French Disko – V/A: With Love, Jelodanti (Jelodanti, 2020)
DE STOELTJES – No Fun – De Stoeltjes (Animal Lovers Only, 2022)
FUNHAUSEN – I-VD-I – Funhausen (BC, 2016)
TOMOYUKI AOKI & HARUTAKA MOCHIZUKI – Majiwaranu Niju – S/T (Nashazphone, 2022)
MIKHAIL MINERAL – Burn Pavin – Лоб (Inu Wan Wan, 2022)
TERRITORIAL GOBBING – Somebody’s Nerfect – Creature Take the Wheel (BC, 2022)
HEKLA – Enn Og Aftur – Xiuxiuejar (Phantom Limb, 2022)

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