Brian Turner Show, Episode 72, September 6, 2022

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MUTE – Catch Me – Demo ’22 (Invisible Audio, 2022)
DRUNKS WITH GUNS – A Beer – Drunks With Guns (Chopper, 1987)
NAZARETH – Expect No Mercy – Expect No Mercy (Vertigo, 1977)
THE SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND – Swampsnake – Next (Vertigo, 1973)
FURNITURE HUSCHLE – Animal Law – Umpo Scuzzi/Convicinio split w/Charlie McAlister (Almost Halloween Time, 2022)
CARL STONE – Mouram – Gall Tones (BC, 2022)
ONOE CAPONOE – Afro Samurai/Quest – Afro Samurai (High Focus, 2022)
THE PSYCHEDELIC FUCKS – Full Tape (Excerpt) – Fuck the Sixties (cs, Rotten Apple, 2022)
DIAMANDA GALÁS – Broken Gargoyles I. Mutilatus (Excerpt) – Broken Gargoyles (NL, 2022)
HARLEM 70 – Mr. No Chill – The Tape (BC, 2022)
FRANKREICH – One Armed Bloke – Frankreich (Desastre, 2022)
DAZZLING KILLMEN – Staring Contest – Face of Collapse (Skin Graft, 1994)
KOLLAPS – Hate Is Forever – Until the Day I Die (Cold Spring, 2022)
WE BE ECHO – Punish You – Ceza Evi (1983, re Cold Spring, 2022)
SURPLUS STOCK – Let’s Kill Each Other – V/A: Fix Planet (Ata Tak, 1981)
POOH STICKS – I’m In You – The Great White Wonder (Zoo, 1991)
MAGMA – Hakëhn Dëis – Kärtëhl (Seventh, 2022)
ELECTRIC WIZARD – Wizard In Black – Come My Fanatics… (Rise Above, 1999)
ACID KING – Tank – The Early Years (Leaf Hound, 2006)
MAINLINER – Blasphemy Hunter – Live In Pandermic Tokyo 2021 (BC, 2022)

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