Brian Turner Show, Episode 71 with Tom Lax from Siltbreeze Records, August 22, 2022

Seen here on his way to crash a party at Huey Lewis’ Marin houseboat, Siltbreeze administrator and pal Tom Lax returns to the show for his annual hang with an array of DIY/postpunk/experimental/whatzit tracks, culled this year from assorted compilation LPs and cassettes. Welcome back Tom! (photo Billy Budd)

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SLIGHT SECONDS – New Me – V/A: A Manchester Collection (Object Music, 1979)
IF ONLY – If Only – V/A: Unzipping the Abstract (MMC, 1980)
KEN LIVERSAUSAGE – Gooseberry Pus – V/A: Aylesbury Goes Flaccid (Flaccid, 1978)
NOTES – Numerus Clausus – V/A: Muenchen: Reifenwechel Leicht Gemacht (Lacherlich! Schallplatten, 1981)
ANIMAL THINGS – Wanna Buy Some – V/A: Red Spot (Subterranean, 1981)
MORONICS – Flying Saucers – V/A: The Best Of Baltimore’s Buried (Balto-Weird, 1979)
CHARLOTTE PRESSLER – Inspector – V/: A Consonant Vowel (C.A.G.E., 1988)
NEGATIVE REACTION – Land of Surrender – V/A: A Selection (M-Squared, 1981)
WORLD OF POOH – Strip Club – V/A: Step, Step, Stepping On Satan’s Foot (Tedium House, 1994)
MIRRORS – Situation – V/A: Tokyo Rockers (CBS/Sony, 1979)
SCAVANGERS – Mysterex – V/A: AK-79 (Ripper, 1979)
SMEXMEC – La Sanga – V/A: Contactdisc 2 (Stitchting Stopcontact, 1984)
JAZZ DESTROYERS – Love Meant To Die – V/A: Cleveland Confidential (Terminal, 1982)
FREIWILLIGE SELBSTKONTROLLE – Eineschlangene Schaufenster – V/A: Leiber Zuviel Als Zuwenig (Zickzack, 1981)
PSYCHODRAMA -Castration Ceremony – V/A: The ‘You’ll Hate This Record’ (The Only Label In The World, 1983)
HIGH RISE – Acid Song – V/A: Dead Tech Sampler, (Dossier, 1986)
THE BAGS – We Don’t Need The English -V/A: YES LA (Dangerhouse, 1979)
LEMON KITTENS – Funky 7 – V/A: Hoisting The Black Flag (United Dairies, 1980)
WRECK SMALL SPEAKERS ON EXPENSIVE STEREOS – Rain – V/A: Xpressway Pile=Up (Avalanche, 1990)
ANONYMOUS SEPTET – Untitled – V/A: Ten O’Clock Theater of Love & Desire (Pinakotheca, 1980)
SI MONKEY – The Conquest Of The Daytime – V/A: Vancouver Independence (Friends Records, 1981)
CITIZEN 23 – American Neutron – V/A: No Room To Dance (Blue Wave, 1980)
JOHANIS & CO. – Stalverglsmtonyje – V/A: 10 Czechoslovakian Years (Harsh Reality Music, 1989)
WET TAXIS – Inflate Your Baby – V/A: Mysterious Kitchens (Terse Tapes, 1980)
THE INFANTS – Giant Girl In The Fifth Grade – V/A: Are We Too Late For The Trend? (E.S.R., 1979)
A. XAX – Banging Your Head – V/A: Red Snerts (Glucher, 1981)
CANCER – 000010 – V/A: Pordenone/The Great Complotto (Italian Records, 1980)
UN DEPARTMENT – Tu Veux Ma Radio – V/A: Sensationnel No.1 (Illusion Production, 1983)
KIM BLACKBURN -Oceania – V/A: Outnumbered By Sheep (Flying Nun, 1986)
SUB VERSE – Chance Romance – V/A: Scaling Triangles (Treble Chants, 1981)
30 WINDSWEPT DIMES – Nestor’s Carbuncles – V/A: Light Bulb Magazine Number Four – “The Emergency Cassette” (LAFMS, 1981)
CITY KENT – Snutlåten – V/A: Punk Är Trevligt / Jazz Är Farligt (Heartwork, 1980)
BPA – Leroy Neimann – V/A: Auto Glamor Sound (Hospital, 1982)

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