Brian Turner Show Episode 52 with David Kilgour and Hamish Kilgour from The Clean, November 22, 2021

For the second half of the program today we’re joined live from Dunedin, New Zealand by David and Hamish Kilgour, two thirds of The Clean! Formed in 1978, the trio of David, Hamish and Robert Scott (he of later and continued acclaim with The Bats, Magick Heads, etc.) boldly blazed the avenues of DIY-rock for their native land and its Flying Nun imprint which foisted the trio into national charts and eventual international awareness. Truly one of my favorite bands on the planet, The Clean created a color-soaked pastiche of psychedelia, post-punk, classic and futuristic moves despite their sporadic (yet ongoing) years of activity, and created a template for countless bands to follow then and now. We’re spotlighting some rare and live tapes/radio and TV broadcasts today to celebrate a number of Clean-related reissues this past year, including Merge’s recent reboots of the 1981 Boodle Boodle Boodle LP, Tally Ho 7″, Unknown Country and Mister Pop LPs, and the extended reissue of David’s Stephen project on the Yellow Electric imprint. Welcome David and Hamish and dig into a small slice of Clean history!

You can get this program via Buzzsprout, Deezer, PodchaserPodcast Addict. And Apple Podcasts too. Thanks for listening as always, I’ll be back in two weeks again. We are also streaming the show live every other Wednesday (this episode on Wednesday, November 24, 10am ET/4pm CET) on Efferalgang Radio in Paris, and those archives will live on their You Tube channel or Mixcloud channel thereafter. We are also live Thursday, November 25th on Veneno Radio in São Paulo, 10am-12pm ET as well. If playing right off this embed below results in some holdups, just click on the actual other links and stream. Or just download on Apple Podcasts. Thanks as always for tuning in everyone, it’s much appreciated. We love to hear from you on socials, or send music direct too,

SERPENT – The Chase – 7″ (HBL, 1978)
RONNIE & NATALIE w/STUMPWATER – 6 Times – 7″ (1972, re: Supreme Echo, 2016)
EUGH – There’s a Ghost In My House – Cassingle #2 (NL, 2021)
LUGGAGE – Fear – Happiness (Husky Pants, 2021)
COSTES – Smartphone Empire – Bad Trip In Petra (Drowned By Locals, 2020)
FRAN ASHCROFT – A Tour of British Duck Ponds – A Tour of British Duck Ponds (BC, 2021)
HORSE LORDS – Excerpt Side B – Mix Tape Vol. 1 (2012, re: Improved Sequence, 2021)
TOUCH HEADS – Rise – Ah Pool (Arbitrary Signs, 2021)
THE POP GROUP/DENNIS BOVELL – 3:38 – Y In Dub (Mute, 2021)BATU – I Own Your Energy – I Own Your Energy (Timedance, 2021)
LENA HESSELS – Mare (NL, 2021)BONS – Diorama – Peri Bathaus (Spillage Fete, 2021)

GOD SAVE THE CLEAN: Visit with David and Hamish Kilgour live from Dunedin NZ
THE CLEAN – Billy Two – Boodle Boodle Boodle (Flying Nun, 1981 re: Merge, 2021)
THE CLEAN – Tally Ho – 7″ (Flying Nun, 1981 re: Merge 2021)
THE CLEAN – Oddity – Live Rumba Bar, Auckland 5/15/82
THE CLEAN – Whatever I Do – In-A-Live (Flying Nun, 1989)
THE CLEAN (GREAT UNWASHED) – Middle Sized Mind – Odditties 2 (cs, Flying Nun, 1988)
THE CLEAN – I Wait Around (Acoustic) – Live MTV London, 5/90
THE CLEAN –  Getting Older – The Forum, Enger, 3/6/89
DAVID KILGOUR / HAMISH KILGOUR / WILLIAM TYLER – Living in Space – Live on my old WFMU show 10/14/04
THE CLEAN – Tensile – Primavera Sound, Barcelona 5/29/10
THE CLEAN – In a Dreamlife You Need a Rubber Soul – Primavera Sound, Barcelona, 5/29/10
THE CLEAN – Point That Thing Somewhere Else (w/Martin Phillips) – Sammy’s, Dunedin 10/13/00 (KFJC broadcast)


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