Brian Turner Show, Episode 79, December 19, 2022

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More new music this week, plus remembrance of Hamish Kilgour. Hamish’s friendship and musical guidance has played an important role in my life here in New York, and I decided to pick out a few cuts that were personal-leaning, i.e great songs I revered, or were especially significant having made and played a few of these songs with him in my time in The Mad Scene. There is so much more to cover with his solo releases, The Clean, Bailter Space, Roya, Sundae Painters and so many other of his outlets that it could easily take up many more hours. Others have ably filled out some great radio tributes (one especially nice one from Ken Katkin’s Trash Flow Radio in Cincinnati with many of his co-conspirators voicing memories) showcasing points of an incredible span of decades of music that will continue to give us so much now and forever. I have done radio in the past with Hamish and archives are available for further listening:

Brian Turner Show, Episode 52 11/22/21, Hamish and David Kilgour joining in from Dunedin, live recordings of Clean etc.

My old WFMU show 6/20/17, Hamish and Flying Nun Founder Roger Shepherd visiting, live assorted Flying Nun recordings

My old WFMU show 9/11/07, Hamish and Siltbreeze’s Tom Lax spinning New Zealand singles and cuts

My old WFMU show 10/19/04, Hamish and David Kilgour w/William Tyler, live set in studio

ANIMAL MAGIC – Get It Right – V/A: Get it Right – Afro, Dub, Funk & Punk Of Recreational Records, 81-82 (Emotional Rescue, 2022)
PALÁNTA – Dónde Rueda – Demo (Szégyen Kazetták, 2022)
SIAL – Hasta – Sagkar (La Vida Es En Mus, 2022)
SEVEN GOLDEN VAMPIRES – Black Modern Art – Seven Golden Vampires (Garden Seat, 2022)
FLEA COLLAR – Buttcrack Man – Flea Collar (Feel It, 2022)
REE-VO – We Go – All Welcome on Planet Ree-Vo (Dell’Orso, 2022)
FLIPTRIX – Future Ain’t Promised – Future Ain’t Promised (High Focus, 2022)
DEREK MONYPENY – Laayoune – Cibola (BC, 2022)
BYRON COLEY & TED LEE – Fall- Live At the Witch Trials – As Seen In Your Wildest Dream (Feeding Tube/Lost Treasures of the Underworld, 2022)
KOENIG w/ROJIN SHARAFI – جنگ، خودِ حقیقت است‎‎ – War Is the Unveiling of the Truth (PTP, 2022)
TITHE – Inverse Rapture – Inverse Rapture (Profound Lore, 2022)
PARLAG – VIII – Parlag (cs, Szégyen Kazetták, 2022)
KEIJI HAINO – Whenever Wherever, Quietly Plotting, So That It Can Keep On Becoming (Resonating) – 7″ (Sub Pop, 2022)
SEAWIND OF BATTERY – Summer Hymn (BC, 2022)
OSET – Zależny – Oset (cs, Syf, 2022)
LOS LLAMARADA – Outside the World – Space and Time (Registros El Derrumbe, 2022)
KAORU ABE NO FUTURE – Bullshit – Steps 台阶 (Infant Tree, 2022)
DANIEL & FABIAN LÖWENBRÜCK – Das Lebacher Orgelwerk Excerpt – Das Lebacher Orgelwerk – Weihnachtsoratorium (Krim Kram, 2022)
TROMBE – La Monte Du Cheval Avec Et Sans Selle – Cheval Rodéo (Urticaria, 2022)
KING CRIMSON – 21st Century Schizoid Man – Live At the Marquee 8/10/71 (DGM, 2012)
THE MAD SCENE – Sweet Dreams (Unreleased, Blip Sessions, 2011)
THE MAD SCENE – Kokomo Joe – Live Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, 11/09
THE CLEAN – Side On – Live the Forum, Enger, 3/6/89
THE CLEAN – Whatever I Do Is RIght/Wrong – Live The Forum, Enger, 3/6/89)
THE MAD SCENE – Valium Beach – Blip (Siltbreeze, 2011)

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