Brian Turner Show, Episode 53, December 6, 2021

You can get this program via Buzzsprout, Deezer, PodchaserPodcast Addict. And Apple Podcasts too. Thanks for listening as always, I’ll be back in two weeks again. We are also streaming the show live every other Wednesday (this episode on Wednesday, December 8, 10am ET/4pm CET) on Efferalgang Radio in Paris, and those archives will live on their You Tube channel or Mixcloud channel thereafter. We are also live Thursday, December 9 on Veneno Radio in São Paulo, 10am-12pm ET as well. If playing right off this embed below results in some holdups, just click on the actual other links and stream. Or just download on Apple Podcasts. Thanks as always for tuning in everyone, it’s much appreciated. We love to hear from you on socials, or send music direct too,

ART HALK – Blaualgen – Bling Bling (Latenz, 2021)
JOE MEAH – Dee Mmaa Pe – V/A: Essiebons Special 1973 – 1984 // Ghana Music Power House (Analog Africa, 2021)
AUNT SALLY – Frank Ni – Aunt Sally (Vanity, 1979 re: Mesh-Key, 2021)
MOONLOVE – Goodbye – May Never Happen (1985, re: Concentric Circles, 2021)
RICHARD DAWSON and CIRCLE – Pitcher – Henki (Domino, 2021)
ODWALLA 88 – Live In Olympia – Twiggy (Post Present Medium, 2021)
BLURT – No Go Dada – Friday the 12th (Another Side, 1985)
ORCHID SPANGIAFORA and GLANDS OF EXTERNAL SECRETION – Excerpt – QuaranTunes Series No.032 : Chronicles Of Magoo (Feeding Tube, 2021)
BURNT ENVELOPE – Excerpt – I’m Immature: The Singles Vol. 2 (Salvagable Filth, 2020)
DARK DEVOTION – Lost – Early Demos 2008-2011 (APOTT, 2021)
MODEL HOME – Night Break – both feet en th infinite (Don Giovanni, 2021)
DAVID GOREN – Excerpt – Brooklyn Pirates: Neighbourhoods in the Sky, 2014-2021 (Death Is Not the End, 2021)
LEATHER RATS – Putting Danger Back on the Road (live) – No Live Til Leather ’98 (Bokeh Versions, 2021)
SPARKS – Missionary Position – Live on my old WFMU show October 2017
DOUBLE JOB – Die Spielsachen Des Chefs – Ohne Tanzen Planen (Arvo Disques, 2021)
SEX A – Nestat Ću – Sedatives From the Pharmacy (Full Contact, 2021)
THA RETAIL SIMPS – Love Without Friction – Reverberant Scratch: 9 Shots in tha Dark (Total Punk, 2021)
RAZORLEGS – The Almighty (cs, BC 2021)
GUDRUN GUT + MABE FRATTI – Let’s Talk About the Weather II – Let’s Talk About the Weather (Umor Rex, 2021)
YOYOGI KOEN – 𠄌— 𠄌𠄌𠄌 𠄌𠄌𠄌𠄌 – Experimental Oriental (433 Records, 2021)
PG SIX/LOUISE BOCK – Luminous Wind – All Summer Long Is Gone (cs, Feeding Tube, 2021)
CZESLAW NIEMEN – Sariusz – Niemen Vol. 1 (Polskie Nagrania Muza, 1972)
PETE BRANDT’S METHOD – What Are You – 7″ (Fried Egg, 1980)
CECILIA LOPEZ/JOE MOFFETT – Minor Ruination – Caprichos (Triptick Tapes, 2021)
KARKHANA – Al Sal3awa – Al Azraqayn (BC, 2021)

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