Brian Turner Show, Episode 47, September 14, 2021

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IGGY POP & MATT SWEENEY – European Son – V/A: I’ll Be Your Mirror: A Tribute To the Velvet Underground and Nico (Verve, 2021)
FANG – Enjoy the View – 7″ (1981; RE: Improved Sequence, 2021)
ELIZABETH ARCHER & THE EQUATORS – Feel Like Making Love (Dub) – 7″ (Lightning, 1977)
HELENA CELLE’S CORRESPONDENCE TABLE – Nightside of Kelvin – Glasgow Decentral (cs, Fort Evil Fruit, 2021)
SCREAM + DANCE – Giacometti – In Rhythm 7″ (Recreational, 1982)
LSD MARCH – I Can Only Swim At Night – At Night (An’archives, 2021)
DEAD C – Horror Stories – Horror Stories (Language, 2021)
SMOTE – Hauberk – Drommon (Rocket, 2021)
THE BUG – High Rise (w/Manga Saint Hilare) – Fire (Ninja Tune, 2021)
MIDDEX – Host – Let the Engine-Loud Apocalypse Play Havoc with your Soul (cs, Demotic Brick, 2021)
SAINT ABDULLAH – Fuck That Calculus Teacher – To LIve Ala West (cs, Cassuana, 2021)
CZYNSZ – Jak Wygladmy? – Czynsz EP (Syf, 2021)
TINNITUSK – Blue Letter (Fleetwood Mac) – Live at Radtown (NL, 2017)
URO – I Dag Dør Staten – V/A: København I Ruiner (Kick N’ Punch, 2013)
FADADES – La Colère de Ramsès – La Colère de Ramsès (NL, 2010)
BREN’T LEWIIS ENSEMBLE – Area 51 Is Pink – Toupée Made Of Weather (BUFMS, 2021)
CDG – Audiophiles – Unconditional (Domestic Departure, 2021)
PIGEON – Deny All Knowledge of Simplicity – Deny All Knowledge of SImplicity (Adagio830, 2021)
THEY MUST BE RUSSIANS – Don’t Try To Cure Yourself – 7″ (Fresh, 1980)
FULLY FEUDAL – Open Field – Fully Feudal – CDR (NL, 2021)
SANTA SPREES – Fell In the Well – Fanfare For Tonsils (Muteant Sounds, 2021)
LUKE STEWART – Track 4 – Works For Electric Bass Guitar (Triptick Tapes, 2021)
JAMEEL MOONDOC AND DENIS CHARLES – Judy’s Bounce – We Don’t (1981, Eremite, 2003)
MICHAEL CHAPMAN – Anniversary – Live on my old WFMU show, 6/11/12 (Free Music Archive)

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  1. Hell yeah! Los Marauders contains my now roommate Chris!! He’s the guitarist!

    Nick Sakes

    On Mon, Sep 13, 2021 at 7:32 PM The Brian Turner Show wrote:

    > brianturnershow posted: ” New episodes every two weeks at this site and > you can get these shows also > at: Mixcloud, Buzzsprout, Deezer, Podchaser, Podcast Addict. And Apple > Podcasts too. We are streaming the show live every other Wednesday (this > episode on Wednesday, September 15″ >

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