Brian Turner Show, Episode 48, September 23, 2021

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GREGG TURKINGTON – Introduction – V/A: 80/81 Records Presents: Free (80/81 Records, 2015)
SHOP REGULARS – Mischief – Merrie Melodies #03 (cs, Merrie Melodies, 2021)
ALGARA – Expulsados – Absortos En El Tedio Eterno (La Vida Es En Mus, 2021)
STINGRAY – Feeding Time – Feeding Time 7″ (La Vida Es En Mus, 2021)
VAULT DEPROGRAMMER – Malicious Vision – split cs w/Bloated (Toilet Noise Series, 2021)
BURNT SKULL – No Eyes – Sewer Birth (12XU, 2014)
JUMBO ZEN – Self Contained – V/A: Fast Forward #10 (cs, Fast Forward, 1982)
PYRAMIDZ – Citrus – Built For Yesterday (BC, 2021)
MELENAS – Cartel de Neón – Melenas (El Nebula/Snap! Clap!/Elsa 2017, re: Trouble In Mind, 2021)
LET’S ACTIVE – Mr. Fool – Every Dog Has His Day (IRS, 1988)
ARMED FORCE – Popstar – 7″ (AFI, 1979)
SEI STILL – Extrarradio – El Refugio (Fuzz Club, 2021)
LEDA – Covid Rock 2 – Covid ”Music” I Made With My Guitar (cs, Knotwilg, 2021)
ROBERT MILLIS – Radio Tamil Nadu Part 2 – Bats In the Temple (CDR, Fire Breathing Turtle, 2009)
AYA – Emley Lights Us Moor (feat Iceboy Violet) – I’m Hole (Hyperdub, 2021)
TIKKUN OLAM – World of Light – World Ov Light (The Jewel Garden, 2021)
MULTA – Razorlip – Multa (Discos Carnitas, 2021)
ADOLF SATAN – Point and Grunt – Adolf Satan (Bestial Onslaught Productions, 2004)
CHERUBS – A Pair of Pear Tarts – SLO BLO 4 FRNZ & SXY (Relapse, 2021)
RICHARD DAWSON & CIRCLE – Lily – Henki (Domino, 2021)
NÁRODNI DÍVADLO – Pravý Hák Arthura Cravana- Antropocén (cs, Stoned To Death, 2021)
BLACKS’ MYTHS – Northern Confederate – Blacks’ Myths I & II (Atlantic Rhythms, 2021)
FEEDTIME – Motorbike Girl – Suction (Rough Trade, 1989)
LITTLE ANGELS – Little Angels – Demo (cs, Kill Enemy, 2021)
KLEU & DEEFA – Scallywag – Scallywag EP (Serial Killaz, 2021)
CAM DEAS & JUNG AN TANGEN – That (yGrid/D#) – Presentism (Diagonal, 2011)
CABARET VOLTAIRE – The Set Up – Cabaret Voltaire (cs, Cavbolt Publications Ltd, 1978)
CABARET VOLTAIRE – Walls of Jericho – 12″ (Rough Trade, 1981)

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