Brian Turner Show, Episode 46, August 30, 2021

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THE ROLLING STONES – Rocks Off – Will Keith Wake Up In Time For The Afternoon Show In Perth Australia 24/2/1973?? (Bootleg)
JIVESTREET REVIVAL – Shattered In Rays – 7″ (Slackersound, 2021)
THE HAMSTERS – Televisiontis – Stupid Songs Vol. 1 & 2 (cs, Fuzzy Warbles, 2019)
NOIZUNZURI – Al – Figure and Ground (cs, Skating Pears/Stack Orientation, 1982)
INFERIOR COMPLEX – Invisible – Invisible (NL, 2021)
SEVEN THAT SPELLS – In – The Death and Resurrection of Krautrock: AUM (Beta-Lactam Ring, 2012)
MARIE DELTA – Secousse Volcanique – Route de Nuit (La Souterraine, 2021)
COMITÉ HYPNOTISÉ – Chickpea Shimmy – Dubs Pour Oh La La (Cortizona, 2021)
REI COMPACT- In the Year of the Fuckup – V/A: C.I. Label Sampler #15 (Chemical Imbalance, 2021)
ARBETE OCH FRITID – Gånglåt Efter Lejsme Per Larsson, Malung – Arbete Och Fritid (MNW, 1973)
AURITA Y SU CONJUNTO – Chambacu – Chambacu (Mississippi, 2021)
CONNIE SMITH – I’m Not Over You – The Cry of the Heart (Fat Possum, 2021)
SLEEPY JOHN – River – Sleepy John (1970, re: Gear Fab 2004)
POWERPLANT – Hey Mr. Dogman – People In the Sun (Erste Theke Tonträger/Dreamland Syndicate, 2019)
ORGANIZED FILTH – Not Quite Dead Yet – Demo (cs, Don’t Wanna Talk Records, 2019)
VULGARATOR – Mamut – III (Syf, 2021)
RONNIE & THE RAY GUNS – Let the Pigs Run Wild – Nancy’s China 7″ (Broken Dish, 1982)
HUMAN POTATOES – Bartolin’s Scream – V/A: Back from the Canigó: Garage Punks Vs Freakbeat Mods Perpignan 1989-1999 (Staubgold, 2019)
JOHNNY BLACK ET LES JOKERS – Mayi Bo Ya? – V/A: Cameroon Garage Funk (Analog Africa, 2021)
BLURT – Uzi – Uzi (Blurt, 2021)
HORSE LORDS – Excerpt – Mixtape Vol. 1 (2012, re: Improved Sequence, 2021)
BALIGH HAMDI – Chaka Chico – Modal Instrumental Pop of 1970’s Egypt (Sublime Frequencies, 2021)
FUTEISHA – Nel Roseto – Attorno A Me Le Ombre (Chiærichetti Æditore Ræcordings, 2021)
MAGGOTS – Ampoén – Thanks To the World (Indonesia, 2005)
TROUBLE – Assassin – Psalm 9 (Metal Blade, 1984)
SALMANDA – Bubble Bamboo Princess – Bubble Bamboo Princess (NL, 2021)
LEE ‘SCRATCH’ PERRY – Caveman Skank – Cloak and Dagger (Upsetter, 1972)
THE FALL – Why Are People Grudgeful – Live Hallam Univ., Sheffield 4/7/93–

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