Brian Turner Show, Episode 33, March 28, 2021: “I Light Cigars With $10 Bills”

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ALINA KALANCEA – Walking Through Storm – Impedance (Important, 2021)
SMALL WONDER – Ordinary Boy – V/A: Three Day Week: When the Lights Went Out 1972-1975 (1974, Ace 2019)
THE NERVEBREAKERS – My Girlfriend Is A Rock – Hijack the Radio (Rave Up, 2000)
TWISTED HAND – 1 Day – 7″ (Map, 1981)
MAYYORS – Airplanes – Megan’s LOLZ 7″ (No Label, 2008)
KRALLICE – Dilution – Demonic Wealth (No Label, 2021)
ROOPE ERONEN – Mouth Watering Stocking Stuffers – The Inflatable World (Discrepant, 2021)
STREET RAT – The First Elegy – Old World Elegies (Love Earth Music, 2021)
RAED YASSIN – The Cyber Oracle – Archeophony (Akuphone, 2020)
SEMBLANZAS DEL RIO GUAPÍ – Los Guasangú – Los Guasangú (Llorona, 2021)
VITAMIN – Black Sheep – Recordings 1981 (Don Giovanni, 2021)
TOADS – Richard Street – Toads (NL, 2021)
TAQBIR – Tfou 3lik – Taqbir (cs, NL, 2021)
THE SOFT BOYS – Underwater Moonlight (live) – Two Halves For the Price of One (Armageddon, 1981)
SHRIEKING – Soul Devourer – Let the Galaxy Burn (BC, 2020)
HECATOMB – Black Winged Pestilence – Horrid Invocations (cs, NL, 2020)
AZUMAYA KAMANOSUKE – Chikumagawa – V/A: Sound Storing Machines: The First 78 RPM Records From Japan 1903-1912 (Sublime Frequencies, 2021)
LIEDER – Laecheln – A Fog Like Liars Loving (Beacon Sound, 2021)
JEANNE LEE – Sundance – Conspiracy (1975 RE Moved By Sound, 2021)
AVVITAGALLI – Side 2 – Avvitagalli (cs, Music à la Coque 2021)
SUPER ONZE – Except Side 1 – Super Onze de Gao (Sahel Sounds, 2013)
SPIRITUAL MAFIA  – Bath Boy – Alfresco (Anti Fade, 2021)
FORREST GRAY – Feel Good (NL, 2021)
LUCID SINS – Joker’s Dance – Cursed! (Totem Cat, 2021)
BITTER BLOOD STREET THEATER – The Whales Are Riding In the Sea (Vetco, 1978)

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