Brian Turner Show, Episode 32, March 7, 2021

Lou Reed at WPIX Radio in New York City on September 23,1979. (Photo by Ebet Roberts/Redferns)

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JERONIMO – Silence of the Night – Jeronimo (Bellaphon, 1971)
SENYAWA – Menuju Muara – Alkisha (Multiple labels, 2021)
SIR VICTOR UWAIFO & HIS TITIBITIS – Iranm Iran – V/A: Edo Funk Explosion Vol. 1 (Analog Africa, 2021)
MADLIB – Loose Goose – Sound Ancestors (Madlib Invazion, 2021)
BLKLN – Lafillequi – Speaking In Snake Tongue (Cohrran, 2020)
LOU REED – WPIX Takeover, 1979
MARK E. SMITH – Excerpt – Pander! Panda! Panzer! (Action, 2003)
THE FALL – Middle Mass – Live City Gardens, Trenton NJ 6/12/81
HYPNOTIZING CHICKENS – (I’m On) Time – 7″ (forthcoming, Petty Bunco, 2021)
MAXINE FUNKE – Lucky Penny – Seance (A Colorful Storm, 2021)
FAURE – Mes Amics Que N’ai Ausit (Standard In-Fi, 2020)
GREYHOUND – Birth (and Death of Venus) – Wilted Pansies In a Broken Vase (All Gone, 2021)
CHILD’S POSE – Eyes To the Right – Eyes To the Right (Thrilling Living, 2021)
RICK WHITE ARCHIVE – Sugartune – Rick Covers Sloan’s Peppermint EP (BC, 2021)
CORDUROY – Vertical Slum – Lisp (Broken, 1994)
COFFIN MULCH – Black Liquefaction – Septic Funeral (At War With False Metal, 2021)
DUMA – Angels and Abysses – Duma (Nyege Nyege Tapes, 2020)
DENZEL CURRY – Cosmic (The Alchemist Version) – Unlocked 1.5 (PH/Loma Vista, 2021)
ALAN VEGA – Nike Soldier – Mutator (Sacred Bones, 2021)
ALAN LICHT – Rocket USA – Three Chords and a Sword: Solo Cover Versions 1988-2020 (BC, 2021)
FLAMEN DIALIS – Illusion – Symptome-Dei (FLVM, 1979)
EMERSON LAKE & CHEESEDOODLE – Excerpt – Wild America (Live KALX 1987, BUFMS 2021)
TONED – Hostile Environment – The Private Sector (Shhpuma, 2021)
SAMARA LUBELSKI – Excerpt – Mertens Violin Tape (Dadaist Tapes, 2021)
POLLY BRADFIELD – Excerpt – Solo Violin Improvisations (Parachute, 1979)
BILL THOMPSON AND RICHARD SANDERSON – Flint Knives Against the Sky – Summiting (Linear Obsessional, 2021)
UNIVERSITY CHALLENGED – Inside Segovia’s Dream – Oh Temple! (Hive Mind, 2021)
YERBA MANSA – Return of Buckethead – Five Years (Box, 2021)
SYRINX – Tumblers To the Vault – Tumblers For the Vault 1970-72 (RVNG, 2016)

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