Brian Turner Show, Episode 34, April 11, 2021

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ABC GUM – My Wild Life – New Arcade (Let’s Pretend/We Are Busy Bodies, 2018)
DEAN CARTER – Love’s A Workin’ – Call Of the Wild (Big Beat, 2002)
PREDATOR – Never Anything Before – Spiral Unfolds (Total Punk, 2021)
SPIKE IN VAIN – Hamlet’s Dilemma – Disease Is Relative (Trans Dada, 1984, RE: Scat, 2021)
DAN MELCHIOR – Town Feeling (live on my old WFMU show) – Live and Un-Diluted (BC, 2021)
CONJUNCTO TÍPICO CORAZÓN DE LA SELVA – Alegría en la selva- V/A: El Fabuloso Sonido de Andrés Vargas Pinedo: Una Colección de Música Popular Amazónica (1966-1974) (Buh, 2021)
GLOBE DISCOUNT CENTER – The Scourge – At the Metropolitan YMCA (GDC, 2021)
MAP 71 – Aces – Belladonna Sunset (Foolproof Projects, 2021)
YILAN – Static Void – Suddenly I Am Falling (Infinite Machine, 2021)
GAUTE GRANLI – Generert Prosti – Blusens Fasong (Ultra Eczema, 2021)
GRAEME JEFFERIES – Overground In China – The Marxophone Demos: The Single (Ally, 2021)
LAVENDER HEX – Click Thrice – Bunch of Flowers (NL, 2021)
THE PUDS – Toxic Shock – 7″ (1981, RE: Radical Documents, 2020)
SNOPZ – Heartbeat – Live 7/27/80
THE FALL – Flat of Angles – Live Town Hall, Christchurch NZ 8/18/82
THE VORTEX – I’m F.C. – Demo 2021
MOTOR CORP – It Never Ends, It Don’t Stop – Demo DB #13 – (Deluxe Bias, 2021)
PANDORA – Crack Your Skull – Space Amazon (1974, RE: Supreme Echo, 2021)
NICE BREEZE – En Passant — Magician’s Rabbit (NL, 2021)
THE LIMIT – My World At Night – 7″ (NL, 1978)
MARAUDEUR – TWYWYS – Puissance 4  (NL, 2021)
ZENITH EFFLUVEUM – Millions – Almost Made It In the USA (Separate, 1978)
ALASTAIR GALBRAITH – Last Light – Loss (Drunken Taieri Mouth, 2021)
COLIN WEBSTER – The Flemish Weaver – Vs. Amp (Raw Tonk, 2021)
SEKELEMBELE – Moto Nyara – Swordman Kitala/Sekelembele Split (Hakuna Kuala, 2021)
THE KINKS – Destroyer – Give the People What They Want (Arista, 1981)
NICOLAS JAAR – Telahumo – Telas (Other People, 2020)

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