Brian Turner Show, Episode 31, February 21, 2021, Remembering Milford Graves + Ghedalia Tazartes

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THE KAN DELLS – Cry Girl – V/A: Everywhere Chainsaw Sound (Chainsaw Sound, 1982)
GRAVEL SAMWIDGE – Pink Eye – Complaints (BC, 2021)
CELEBRITY HANDSHAKE – Civilized People – Bottom On Your Bucket (Eastern Prawn 2020)
WIRE – Pink Flag – Live SO36 Berlin 12/11/78
ELEGIAC – Vous et Ici – Vous et Eci (All City, 2021)
PÓDIUM – Pódium – Pódium (Slovenly, 2020)
TAQBIR – Aish Qandiri – Taqbir (NL, 2021)
A1 VEGETABLES – It’s All In the Past – VA: Beyond the River (Open Door, 1982)
DRISSI AL-ABBASSI – Zedti Laadab Aliya – Ridi Sidi Bel Abbes (Nashaszphone, 2020)
ZULI – Kiwi Meld (El Kontessa Remix) – V/A: Nisf Madeena (Ma3ezef, 2020)
THE CREEPERS – Adventures of Max Glider – Peel Session 5/27/86
MAX SCHMALZ – Working Days – W-W-Wo Bin Ich (cs, Heimatkassetten, 1981)
TWISTED HAND – 1 Day – Short Strings EP (Map, 1981)
BILL STONE – Charlotte’s Town – Stone (Omni, 1969 re: Drag City/Galactic Zoo, 2021)
TALL DWARFS – Crush – In the Dying Days Of Helen Young (live) (NL, 2005)
ARCHAÏA – Soleil Noir – Archaïa (Choravox, 1977)
GRAANCIRKEL – Invasjon IV – Demo MMXXI (Murder On Ponce, 2021)
J GEILS M GIRA BAND – Piss On the Wall of Swans 
ESPINOZA/LONG DUO – August 19, 2019 – Espinoza/Long Duo (BC, 2020)
JUGZ – Black Cat Heat – Noodle (cs, Kikorirecords, 2014)
JUNG ANALYSTS – Here’s Lucifer – The Wishing Balloons (Hamster, 1984)
BIG APPLE BAND – You Should Be Dancing (YT, pre-Chic Nile Rodgers, 1976)
THE BEE GEES – Marley Purt Drive – Odessa (Polydor, 1969)
MAINLINER – Silver Guck – Dual Myths (Riot Season, 2021)
GHEDALIA TAZARTES – Part 2: Une Éclipse Totale De Soleil (Celluloid France, 1984)

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