Brian Turner Show, Episode 30, February 7, 2021: These Deckhands Suck at Docking Boats

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MIDDEX & MALVERN BRUME – Burgg-Way – V/A: I Don’t Want To Be Dug Up From the Wet Earth Anymore (Infant Tree, 2020)
NEUTRAL – Repa – Grå Våg Gamlestaden (Omlatt, 2014, re: Ba Da Bing 2021)
PEDAGO PARTY – Magie Noire – L’Arte Della Rivoluzione (cs, NL, 1983)
ALLE TIDERS DUSTER – Samfunnsrotte – Velkommen Hjem 7″ (Dusterplatter, 1981)
THE STOOLS – Life’s Hard Lover – Car Port EP (Goodbye Boozy, 2021)
EXXXON – Shelll – Gas Tape DB#8 (Deluxe Bias, 2021)
SPÖRTEN ÄR DÖD – Der Weltkup – Spörten Är Död (1982, Fördämning Arkiv, 2019)
JIMMY CAMPBELL – Flowers Are Flowering (Demo) – Troubadour (Lost Recordings 1965-1991) (Viper, 2012)
NEIL YOUNG – The Loner (via Neil Young Archives)
THE CHILLS – Monolith – Scatterbrain (Fire, 2021)
IDOLI – Schwule Über Europa (Omorina nad Evropom) – VA: Paket Aranžman (Jugoton, 1981)
REASONABLE STROLLERS – Airhole – Secure (cs, NL, 1982)
NYVOZ – Devotion to the Frostbeast – The Vessels of the Black Fly (The Lowest Form of Deity, 2020)
AKABXS – Traitor – Lass Mich Allein (Eisenfell, 1998)
BORAL NEDUSA – Soon (MBV cover) – Boral Nedusa (NL, 1992)
MISSING BRAZILIANS – Frequency Blast – Warzone (On-U Sound, 1994)
DANNY SKRIPP – In the Dark – Old New Gods (NEN, 2021)
SLEAZY F. BABY & JEHST – Who Is You? – Who Is You? (Blah, 2021)
AGONY BAG – Rabies Is a Killer – 7″ (Monza, 1980)
DET ELEKTRISE KJØKKEN/LISTER – Ta Et Vink – 70-82 (cs, Likvidér/Oh Yeah! 1984)
WHITE HEAVEN – Dull Hands – Out (PSF, 1991, re: Black Editions 2020)
SONIC FLOWER – Super Witch – Rides Again (2005, re: Heavy Psych Sounds, 2021)
WODE – Vanish Beneath – Burn In Many Mirrors (20 Buck Spin, 2021)
YOKEL – Safernoc ft Dali De Saint Paul – Smell of Deer (Avon Terror Corps, 2020)
UFER – My Friend – Ufer (cs, Latenz, 2020)
ROLLING STONES – Disco Muzik – Sympathy For the Disco (Outtakes 75-79)
MUSICAL JANEENS (AND OTHER PARTY GAMES) – Glen Miller And His Contemporary Intimacies Meets The Musical Janeens Uptown With A Packet Of Jellies And A Caribbean Monolith – VA: Bouquet of Steel (Aardvark, 1980)
CHRIS CORSANO/BILL ORCUTT – The Thing Itself – Made Out of Sound (Palilalia, 2021)
PANDA FORT – My New House – Panda Fortress (cs, Arbitrary Signs, 2021)

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