Brian Turner Show, Episode 28, January 11, 2021

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STRANGE FRUIT ABIKU – Accept By Death (Unreleased) – Strange Fruit Abiku 7″ (Babel 1983, BC 2020)
PREENING – Rapt Fashion – Dragged Through the Garden (Ever/Never, 2021)
MIDNIGHT STEPPERS – Back From the Grave Again – Isolation Drives (Erika, 2020)
TRIAL – Towers of Short Term Lies – I (Trial, 2020)
ARMEDALITE RIFLES – The Way Out Is Up – Art Is a Weapon (Wrinky Dink, 2020)
IQ ZERO – Crazy Dolls – She’s So Rare 7″ (Logo, 1980)
NO FRIENDS BAND – Street Waves – To All My Friends (Baggage Claim, 2020)
THE AXEMEN – Hey Alice – Derry Legend (Flying Nun, 1988)
DJ CUMMERBUND – Imagine There’s No Yoo Hoo (NL, ?)
AARON CUPPLES – Sand Return – OST: The Island of Hungry Ghosts (PAN, 2021)
YORAN – Montparnasse/La Bou – Montparnasse (Unbalance, 1981 RE: Camisole, 2020)
MARCIA BASSETT & THOMAS DIMUZIO – Admonition – Losing Circles (Yew, 2021)
JEAN-CLAUDE CHARLIE ET SON ORCHESTRE – Nophoudelijke Gorgeling – Sssh (cs, Home Produkt, 1983)
KMD – Get U Now – Bl_ck B_st_rds (Metal Face, 2000)
GRANDMASTER MASESE – Mama N’Omuya – V/A: Color Is Not A Crime: A Benefit Compilation (Dagoretti, 2020)
GROUP – 07 160716_0941 M – Esoteric Free Africa 12″ (BFE, 2019)
BO DIDDLEY – Live Sydney 1974 (on a bill with Lobby Lloyde/Coloured Balls!) 
THE CLEAN – Oddity – Live Rumba Bar, Auckland, 5/15/82
SLURGE – Dosage In Teal –(forthcoming)
AMOS & SARA – The Snake – Amos & Sara….Invite To ‘Endless Latino’ (cs, It’s War Boys, 1983)
A GIANT DOG – Angst In My Pants – Toy (Merge, 2017)
STIFF RICHARDS – Point of View – State of Mind (Legless, 2020)
TB RIDGE AS THE DICTATOR – Night Light – Rock & Roll Heart (Anti Fade, 2020)
JEROME – Framework – Moods (Maple Death, 2020)
CD_SLOPPER – dqawa wumplex-ƕ – fanscotcoe (Superpang, 2020)
THE KOREATOWN ODDITY – Weed in L.A. – Little Dominiques Nosebleed (Stones Throw, 2020)
VISION FORTUNE – Back Crawl II – Country Music (ATP, 2015)
CRASH TOTO – The Riptoffer – The Riptoffer EP (KRAAK, 2021)
THE CHIPMUNKS AT 16 SPEED – Refugee – Vol. 2 (BC, 2015)
SASKA – Apparat – Sieden (Magma Tones, 2020)

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