Brian Turner Show, Episode 27, December 30, 2020

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BOMB SNIFFING DOGS – Icke Age – Acid Zoo (The White Hotel, 2020)
KSIEZYC – Verlaine I – Ksiezyc (Penultimate Press, 2020)
MAXINE FUNKE/P WITS – Every Kind Word – Forest Photographer EP (Chemical Imbalance, 2020)
EXTENDED VERSIONS – Iceman – V/A: Sacro Egoismo 89-92 (Trost, 1992)
ORCHESTRA OF CONSTANT DISTRESS – Intro/Very Much – V/A: Fuck 2020 (Riot Season, 2020)
BURLAP FANTASY – Mississippi Queen – 7″ (Plastikville, 199?)
STORMTROOPER – I’m A Mess – 7″ (Solent, 1977)
VOICE IMITATOR – Vilification Brunch – Plaza (12XU, 2020)
MARDI KINGS – Pretty Thing – V/A: He’s Bad: 11 Bands Decimate the Beat of Bo Diddley (Black Gladiator, 2021)
PIERRE ELITAIR – Pierrot Croissant – Gedidigitalisseerde Cassettes (Ultra Eczema, 2020)
FIVE STARCLE MEN – Yellow Frog Legs – Gomba Reject Ward Japan (Lost Frog Productions, 2007)
ALU – Die Ware Ist Uns Lieber Als Der Tod – Störfaktor I – Alu’s Riskantes Experiment 31.7.81 Im Risiko (Der Letzte Schrei! 1982)
FORCED RUN – Masochistic Inclinations – Forced Run (Het Zweet, 1982)
ASTUTE PALATE – Loose Wings – Astute Palate (Petty Bunco/Eternal Soundcheck, 2020)
ROBERT PALMER – New Day Rising (NL, live 1987)
RALPH STANLEY – White Light White Heat – Soundtrack: Lawless (Music On Vinyl, 2012)
DANNY & THE DOORKNOBS – Whispering Glades – In Poison Summer (SST, 1989)
BRICK HEAD – Fun In Me – Thick As Bricks (BC, 2020)
ROLLING STONES – Too Much Blood – Undercover (RSR, 1983)
LIFE IN THE FRIDGE EXISTS – Have You Checked the Children – V/A: Four Stars (Sausage, 1980, RE: Sweineken, 2020)
THE PRATS – General Davis – Prats Way Up High (One Little Independent, 2020)
ELEKTRICNI ORGAZAM – Debo – Elektricni Orgazam (Jugoton, 1981)
16-17 – Samah (live at Taktlos, 1995) – Gyatso (Pathological, 1994, RE: Praxis, 2021)
BLANK HELLSCAPE – Concrete Walls (excerpt) – Split 12″ w/Wolf Eyes (12XU, 2020)
ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO – Moscú Está Helado -1980-1981 Prehistoric Sounds – Necrosis En La Poya & More (Geometrik, 2012)
THABISO MAKHETHA – Coogan Radio – V/A: Gritty, Odd & Good: Weird Pseudo-Music From Unlikely Sources (Discrepant, 2020)
RASHID AL BALUSHI – micro-Sister (Al’ukht Alsaghira) – V/A: Gritty, Odd & Good: Weird Pseudo-Music From Unlikely Sources (Discrepant, 2020)
BLACK UNTY TRIO – Al Nisa – Al-Fatihah (Salaam 1969, re: Salaam/Gotta Groove 2020)

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