If you’re going to sit in the desert three days why not live the dream

For the first time since 2013 the show has been asked to curate Coachella again. Apparently last time’s devastating losses have been recouped and we get another shot. In defense, we did not expect nine years back that 1. Ya Ho Wa was going to eat all of his AND Polyphonic Spree’s catering (no cheap fare), nor 2. did I think he would climb and collapse the stage tower trying to mimic Bono at the 83 US Festival. Anyway, here’s another stab and hopefully listeners will find at least one thing that drives them to bake in ungodly Indio, California heat for three days. Update: Ye has been added, just before Saga, so there goes the budget again because he’s ordered a stage he wants to resemble Antarctica meets the set of The Big Bang Theory. Also, it’s not Wire Train, we forgot the slash, it’s a collab between Wire and Train. And if this is a success, Steve Wozniak promises to blow up another mountain and bring back US Festival and let us curate that in 2024. Send demos now!

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