2021 Year End Mix for Apartament 18 / Radio Alfacs

Our friend Miguel Alonso of the great freeform Apartament 18 program on Catalunya’s Radio Alfacs has kindly asked me to share a 45 minute mix of yearend faves on his recent episode. Was hard to whittle down with so much great stuff out last year, but tried to assemble a flowing mix of a few. Thank you Miguel, and check out his other shows, which air every other Saturday 7-9pm CET. Listen to my episode here, my segment is the program’s second half.


SIGH OF RELIEF – Debris Field
WILLIAM LIKE VALERIO – Creixeran les Flors
GALÁN / VOGT – Starseed
AMANAZ – Khala My Friend
CAT POWER – Metal Heart
THE FOR CARNATION – Grace Beneath The Pines
BRUNO BAVOTA – Apartment Loop #6
PROEM – Sputter Fly
BASIC CHANNEL – Quadrant Dub I (Edit)
MONOLITH – Cut a Long


TAQBIR – Aisha Kandisha – Victory Comes For Those Who Fight For a Right Cause (La Vida Es En Mus, 2021)
RICHARD DAWSON AND CIRCLE – Pitcher – Henki (Domino, 2021)
VAXXED HEAD – My Pfizer Nurse – 7″ (California Vaccination Records, 2021)
MUQATA’A – Bilharf Alwahad – Kamil Manqus كَامِل مَنْقوص (Hundebiss, 2021)
BRIAN TURNER – Marquee Meltdown (unsolicited self-remix of Bill Orcutt’s 2021 ‘Joey’ LP with Television, The Fall, Osmonds, Go-Go’s)
SPIRITUAL MAFIA – Bath Boy – Al Fresco (Ever/Never, 2021)
CIA DEBUTANTE – Decomposing Composition – Dust (Siltbreeze, 2021)

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