Brian Turner Show (at home), Episode 16, August 2, 2020

Another show, hot August night. Thanks again for tuning in and sharing. Unfortunately, Spotify got wise and axed the show, but a reminder you can get these shows also at:  Buzzsprout, Deezer, PodchaserPodcast Addict. And Apple Podcasts too (only the last few so far are up there due to upload limits. But anything not there can be streamed here still on this page). Also, a big thank you to Colin Newman and Malka Spiegel for having me check in this past week on their excellent program ‘Swimming In Sound’ found weekly on Brighton UK’s Totally Radio! Link to that right here.

LADERNUNNAN – Ensam I Natt – 7″ (Sista Bussen, 1982)
VOX POP – Cab Driver – 7″ (Bad Trip, 1980)
LOS LLAMARADA – I Don’t Know Where I’m Going (BC, 2020)
JOHNNY NOISE – Let’s Love Together – Rocker (2020)
NAPE NECK – Job Club – Nape Neck (cs, NL, 2020)
LAUGHING HYENAS – Live WCBN Ann Arbor – 6/22/07
THE BOB SEGER SYSTEM- Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man – Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man (Capitol, 1968)
KISS – 100,000 Years – Live Hammond, Indiana 1974 (NL)
TONY VALENS & THE INCISIONS – Death Cold Stare – Deadly Lethal (NL, 2001)
BAILTERSPACE – Glacite Train – Concret (NL/BC, 2020)
IMPERIAL WAX – Bloom & Wither – Bromidic Thrills 7″ (Louder Than War, 2019)
TIM WILDE – Popcorn Double Feature – 7″ (Tower, 1967)
BRICK HEAD – Deja Vu – Thick As Bricks (BC, 2020)
CARDIACS – Tarred and Feathered – Cardiacs Live (The Alphabet Business Concern, 1988)
CARDIACS – To Go Off and Things – Cardiacs Live (The Alphabet Business Concern, 1988)
GIANT SAND – Can’t Find Love (live Mad Dog Studios 3/91) – Ramp (25th Anniversary Edition (1991, re Fire, 2020)
KHANA BIERBROOD – Bad Trip – Strangers From the Far East (Guruguru Brain, 2019)
AMNESIA SCANNER – AS Flat (feat. Code Orange)- Tearless (Pan, 2020)
EAST MAN & FERNANDO KEP – Ouroborus – Prole Art Threat (Planet Mu, 2020)
ABDULLAH MINIAWY & HVAD – The Dirty Canes Lake – VA: Do You Mean: Irish (irsh, 2020)
FOOD FOR ANIMALS – Bulk Gummies – Belly (Cock Rock Disco/HOSS, 2008)
DOUBLE NELSON – Chouèches – Indoor (Pandemonium, 1999)
ROBERT RENTAL – A.C.C. – Paralysis (Regular 1978, re: Dark Entries 2020)
KIYOAKI IWAMOTO – Don’t Go Too Far Away – SOUGI+ (EM, 2020)
PISSED JEANS – L-Word/Boring Girls – Live on my old WFMU show 3/30/2010
SAT STOICIZMO – Hehaj – Mah 2 (Kvadratura Juga, 1997)
THE CARETAKER – It’s Just a Burning Memory – Everywhere At the End of Time (History Always Favors the Winners, 2016)

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