Brian Turner Show (at home), Episode 15, July 20, 2020

New sounds for a hott July weekend, including *another* premiere of a never-released Swell Maps track, a previously-shelved version of “International Rescue” originally meant to be the band’s third 7″ (they opted for “Real Shocks”). It’s a real blowout, and forthcoming on a rarities comp called ‘Mayday Signals’. Thanks Jowe for sharing, and thanks again for everyone tuning in every other week. A reminder you can get these shows also at:  Buzzsprout, SpotifyDeezer, PodchaserPodcast Addict. And Apple Podcasts too (only the last few so far are up there due to upload limits. But anything not there can be streamed here still on this page).

RONNIE & THE RAYGUNS – Let The Pigs Run Wild – 7″ (Broken Dish, 1982)
THE COWBOY – The Mist – Feel the Chai Releasing From You 7″ (Feel It, 2020)
MOTH – Jealousy – Machine Nation 7″ (Marthouse, 2020)
THEE CHA CHA CHAS – Running Out of Time – VA: There’s Gotta Be Hope Right? (Billiam Bandcamp, RFS Australian bush relief compilation, 2019)
CHRIST CHILD – Star Whores – Christ Child (Arista, 1977)
SHARHABIL AHMED – Kamar Dawa – Habibi Funk 013: King of Sudanese Jazz (Habibi Funk, 2020)
MALVINA REYNOLDS – Boraxo – Malvina Reynolds (Century City, 1970)
ANNE KIRKPATRICK – Feel A Whole Lot Better – VA: Boogie Presents: Silver Roads (Warner Australia/Festival, 2013)
JAZZ DESTROYERS – Love Meant To Die – VA: Cleveland Confidential (Terminal, 1982)
SCREAMING GYPSY BANDITS – Flies R All Around Me – Back To Doghead (1970, Re: Piety Street 2009)
CHROME CRANKS – Little Johnny Jewel – Diabolical Boogie (Atavistic, 2007)
SWELL MAPS – International Rescue (prev. unreleased version) – Mayday Signals (forthcoming, 2020)
LOS TARZANILLOS – Ven a Cuarentenear – Lo Mejo de lo Peor (BC, 2020)
IRREAL – April – Inutil 7″ (La Vida es en Mus, 2020)
TRIAL – Towers of Short Term Lies – I (Trial, 2020)
TRUST – Antisocial – Trust (7″, CBS France, 1980)
MARTIN HANNETT – Excerpts – Personal Mixes (NL, 197?)
MARCIA BASSETT – Obsidian Emerald Light – Two Butterflies (Yew, 2020)
DIAL – Voit – Trace (Dial, 2020)
FORCE RUN – Masochistic Inclinations (Forced Run, cs, Het Zeet, 1982)
KIM BLACKBURN – Lizards In Love – VA: Future/Primitive Aoteaora (Strangelove, 2020: track from 1986)
EDDIE MARCON – Kuro Gane Mochi – 木陰のひわ (7 e.p., 2014)
OZX – Fall In the Night – Along Ago 1981-89 (Captured Tracks, 2020)
JIM MORONSON & THE DOORS – In Space – I’m In Space (Punk Time Tapes, 2020)
VIVIEN GOLDMAN/FLYING LIZARDS – Her Story – Resolutionary Songs 1979-82 (Staubgold, 2016)
CREATION REBEL – Drum Talk – Psychotic Jonkanoo (Statik, 1981)

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