Brian Turner Show, Episode 3, 2/4/20: The Hound of Silence

Sorry gang, you had to be there, literally. The station hard drive filled or something and my archive unknowingly shut down five minutes into the show. So if you caught it live, you’ll have to cherish the memories I’m afraid. I know, first world problems. Anyway, hopefully it won’t happen next time. In the meantime, here is the playlist from the show, and I did some extra credit by linking to ways to hear these tracks as best as I could. Just imagine it’s my show without my talking, or playing suspect audio of Kermit the Frog eating burritos lamenting “Fucking Big Bird taking my wife” because that moment will be lost forever in the mix. See you in two weeks, and I’ll sprinkle some of these better jams into future episodes.

PLAYLIST (click on song links to hear):

HANS RICKHEIT – 11/11/99 – The Scatalogical Fear Tapes (NL/BC, 2015)
NOV3L – Violent and Paranoid – Split w/EXEK (Anti-Fade, 2020)
UVEGRAF – Refractiva Ocular.Expto No. 1 – Various: Cronica Technica; Compilation of Industrial & Noise From Madrid 1981-1991 (Geometrik, 2018)
SPARKS – You’ve Earned the Right To Be a Dick – Hippopotamus (Japan-only CD Track, Hostess Entertainment Unlimited, 2017)
THE SODS – Ghost Rider – Minutes To Go (Step Forward, 1979)
ROCKET 808 – Ghost Rider – Rocket 808 (12XU, 2019)
RONNIE & NATALIE – 6 Times – 7″ split w/Stumpwater (Supreme Echo, 2016)
HELLHOUND – Hot Lick – Hellhound (1970, Kissing Spell re 1994)
YIU – Abbas – Abbas (NL/BC, 2020)
KIZAKI ONDO – A2 – Kizaki Ondo Preservation Society/Clark Naito (1981, re EM 2018)
SALAC – Nails – Sacred Movements (Avon Terror Corps, 2019)
MIDNIGHT – Fucking Speed and Darkness – Rebirth By Blasphemy (Metal Blade, 2020)
NICE BREEZE – So Droll – Lo and Behold (NL/BC, 2019)
LOAD CONTROL – Scotland – 7″ (JM Pop, 1972)
MYNAH BIRDS – It’s My Time – 7″ (Columbia, 1965)
OWEN MAERKS – Iceland Boogie – Kinds of Blue (Feeding Tube, 2019)
DISCOLOKOSST – Rock Ist Rock – VA: Palladium (Heroic, 1981)
LLAMAME LA MUERTE – Funky Plane – VA: Compil Moussem Compil No 3 (Micro Label Do It Youssef, 2014)
WIRE – Primed and Ready – Mind Hive (Pink Flag, 2020)
DEAF WISH – Deep Blue Cheated – Lithium Zion (Sub Pop, 2018)
FLYING WEDGE – Come To My Casbah – VA: Michigan Meltdown (Coney Dog, 2011)
FADUMO QASSIM & SHAREERO BAND – Waaka Helaa – VA: Mogadisco: Dancing Mogdishu: Somalia 1972-1991 (Analog Africa, 2019)
LES ABRANIS – Chenar Le Blues – 7″ (1977, re Bongo Joe, 2018)
ETRAN DE L’AIR – Tilyadene – VA: Music From Saharan WhatsApp (Sahel Sounds, 2020)
DADAMAH – Radio Brain – This Is Not a Dream (Kranky, 1995)
LOS SIQUICOS LITORALENOS – Es Sideral – Medianos Exidos Subtropicales Vol. 1 (Artetetra, 2018

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