Brian Turner Show, Episode 2, 1/17/20: How Much Did Rutger Hauer Get Paid and Was It More Than Joe Montegna

KEDAMA – Our Power – The Complete Collection (Castle Face)*
THE GOSLINGS -Croatan – Grandeur of Hair (ARChive)
THOMAS EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT BULB BAND – I’m Right Here – The Red Day Album (Gear Fab)
AVENIR – Christelle et le Tres Grand – Nous Ne Sommes Plus Vierges et Nous Avons Rate Nos Examins (Les Potagers Natures)
HAND GRENADES – Coma Tos – Hand Grenades (Almost Ready)
CRAWLING CHAOS – Guinness – The Gas Chair (Factory Benelux)
15 MINUTES – That’s What You Always Say (Down There)
SPRAY PAINT – Keep On Googlin’ – Into the Country (12XU)*
ENDERIE – Feedtime (Working Away) – 2 (Paradise Daily)
OBLIVION REPTILIAN – Daraconian – Fried On Rock (Bandcamp)*
NEIL CAMPBELL & NICK MITCHELL MAIATO – Stop Saying Stop – s/t (Escupido en Marmol)*
GUE – Tirundel Zenebe – VA: Ilita! New Ethiopian Dance Music (Terp)
CIVIC – Selling, Sucking, Blackmail, Bribes – 7″ (Antifade)*
SWELL MAPS – Midget Submarines – BBC Session (Unreleased)
BRIX AND THE EXTRICATED – Dinosaur Girl – Super Blood Wolf Moon (Grit Over Glamour)*
SKIFTANDE ENHETER – Far Jag Va Me I DItt Gang – Snubbler Genom Drommar (Appetite)*
GREENFIELD LEISURE – Sally – 7″ (Strange Orchestra)
MARK’S PARANORMAL DYSNEYLAND – Hold My Program (Soundcloud)
SVETLANA NIANIO/OLEKSANDR YURCHENKO – Untitled 2 – Znayesh Yak? Rozkazhy (Night School)*
FANTASTIC PALACE – Aminolos Are Eating the Sky – Early Recordings/Hello the Mellow Man (Audio Dregs/Social Music)
CHARLIE McALISTER – Odor of Loneliness – I’m the World’s Richest Man (Spew Geyser/Tick Tock/Almost Halloween Time)*
HIGH SHERIFFS – Sarve Shaam – s/t (Garden Portal)*
TERRY STAMP (w/OLLIE HASKALL) – Black Bomber Waltz – Fatsticks (Reissue, Just Add Water)*
MANILLA ROAD – Pentacle of Truth – After Midnight Live (Shadow Kingdom)
SABATTA ROTTA – Angoixa Metal – Angoixa Metal (NL, Demo)
D.D. MAC OFF – Le Prof a Mac/Off – VA: Bloody Belgium (Retro)
BE-2 – Tiger Dance – Maximum Unity of Human Existance (Cottagono Design of Music)*

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