Brian Turner Overdrive, Slack City/Totally Radio Brighton, Episode 11

New episode of a BONUS bi-weekly blast courtesy of an all new one hour adventure on Slack City Radio called Brian Turner Overdrive. You can stream it via Totally Radio’s site, live airtimes are monthly Tuesday at 8am ET/1pm UK on Slack City but the stream is here. Will be off this upcoming week for the regular 2-hour Brian Turner Show but back thereafter!

ELECTRIC EELS – Splitterty Splat – Spin Age Blasters (1975, re: Scat, 2023)
IDA E OS VOLTAS – Jovens Raptados – Demo 1986 (Nada Nada Discos, 2023)
ALTERNATIVE – What Revolution? – 7″ (Sealed, 2023)
THE SHEAVES – Good Health – Excess Cult Time (1987, re: Minimum Table Stacks, 2023)
PETER JEFFERIES – Closed Circuit – Closed Circuit (Ba Da Bing, 2023)
PLASTIC PEOPLE OF THE UNIVERSE – Toxica/Toxic Chemicals – Egon Bondy’s Happy Hearts Club Band (1978, re: Moved-By-Sound, 2023)
JUTE GYTE – Bucchero – Eclose (BC, 2023)
BANA HAFFAR – Elemental – intimaa’ إنتماء (Touch, 2023)
PRISON AFFAIR – Nice Guys – Demo III EP (Erste Theke Tontraeger, 2023)
DAN MELCHIOR BAND – The Man With The X-Ray Brain – Welcome To Redacted City (Midnight Cruiser, 2023)
EMIL AMOS – Moving Target – Zone Black (Drag City, 2023)
BREN’T LEWIIS ENSEMBLE – Drowned By The Anti-Merm – Fifth Dimentia (BC, 2023)
SECOND SEASONS – kr-SNt – V/A: Datum Hallowseena (Schematic, 2023)
DEREK MONYPENY – FFF – Born (Free) (cs, Personal Archives, 2023)

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