Brian Turner Show, Episode 88, April 24, 2023

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MALNOURISHMENT – I Just Keep Getting Emptier (Rat Run, 2023)
AVATAR – Geisterbahn – Geisterbahn (cs, Latenz, 2023)
DA SLYME – Eat My Shorts If You Love Me – If There’s No Rubble, You Haven’t Played (Celluloid Lunch, 2023)
SPECTRAL SPECTRUM – Biblio Hell – Strange Souls Vol. 1 (cs, Grime Stone, 2023)
POSSESSED – Seven Churches – Seven Churches (Roadrunner, 1985)
JEAN MIGNON – Million Dollar Moped – AN/AL (BC, 2023)
THE JAX – The Jax Are Back (live) – 7″ (Baddog, 1973)
SOUP ACTIVISTS – I Don’t Care What Gilcrhrist Says – Live at Sharon’s (cs, Rotten Apple, 2023)
SHIT AND SHINE – Ten Four Cheese Whopper – 2222 and Airport (BC, 2023)
MAG AMPLITUDE – The Meaning of It All – Wizards of Today (1983, re: Zaius Tapes, 2023)
NECROMANDUS – Night Jar – Orexis of Death (1971, re: Rise Above Relics, 2010)
RED ASPHALT – Pall Malls – No Impact: 10-Year Retrospective (Discontinuous Innovation Inc., 2023)
PISSED JEANS – No Convenient Apocalypse – 7″ (Sub Pop, 2023)
MASKULL – Passenger In Time – Maskull (Unicorn Productions, 1997)
PROC FISKAL – Global Lawn – Rt Hon (Hyperdub, 2023)
CHUCKBERRYWHITEHOUSE – Is Wayne Coyne A Scientologist – FC/Christmas (NL, 2014)
CHARLIE MORROW / STEN HANSON / CARLES SANTOS – New York Lament, Déploration Sur les Morts D’Sten Hanson – The Heavyweight Sound Fight! (iDEAL, 2023)
JOY WILLOW – The Second Breath – Exploring the Cave (cs, Heimat Der Katastrophe, 2022)
THE AH CLUB – Here’s a Toast To What We Call Love – Squeeze My Cares Away (cs, Shrimper, 1993)
SAM WEINBERG TRIO w/CHRIS LIGHTCAP & TOM RAINEY – Falls and Pratfalls – Implicatures (Astral Spirits, 2023)
NEIL HAGERTY / RYAN JEWELL / RYLEY WALKER – Excerpt – Fried In Denver (BC, 2023)
THE POP GROUP – Where There’s A Will – Split 7″ w/The Slits (Y/Rough Trade 1980)
MARK STEWART – As the Veneer of Democracy Starts To Fade – As the Veneer of Democracy Starts To Fade (Mute, 1985)
NEW AGE STEPPERS – Crazy Dreams and High Ideals – New Age Steppers (On-U Sound, 1981)

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