Brian Turner Show, Episode 85, March 12, 2023 with Celebrity Guest Hosts You Won’t Believe

Brian’s voice is shot this week so he has enlisted some towering names to cover voice/set breaks.

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ROKKER – Who’s A Punk? (Your Mother) – Rokker (1979, re: Bachelor/Red Lounge, 2022)
SIMPLY SAUCER – Limitless Love – Saucerland (re: Mono-Tone, 2023)
GUNFIGHTER – Trot, Trot, Shot Shot – Ballads (Under The Gun, 2022)
SPARKS – The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte – The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte (Island, 2023)
XV – Funkyconomy – On the Creekbeds On the Thrones (Ginkgo, 2023)
LOS RANGERS DE TINGO MARIA – La Trochita – V/A: Perú Selvático – Sonic Expedition into the Peruvian Amazon 1972-1986 (Analog Africa, 2023)
BEBE BUELL – My Little Red Book – Covers Girl EP (1981, re: HoZac, 2023)
THE WIPERS – Return of the Rat – Is This Real? (Park Avenue, 1980)
VIRUS X – Ich Will Dich – Teenage War (cs, Trash Tape Reckords, 1987)
PLAYTHINGS – Sit Down (Stand Up) – Playthings (1982, re: Holiday, 2023)
HOUSE OF ALL – Magic Sound – House of All (Tiny Global Production, 2023)
STAR/TIME – Struggling With Monsters – Like An Owl Exploding (Means of Production, 2023)
LEPTON DRIP – Anthropocene Encased – Lepton Drip (BC, 2022)
DJ DELISH – Murry?! – Gossip (BC, 2023)
ABUSUZIT – Fu a Seim Fu Ne Kpee – Jirima (Dagoretti, 2021)
HORSE LORDS – Bending to the Lash (Live in Leipzig) – Live In Leipzig (BC, 2023)
MEMORY WARD – In Your Ear – Memory Ward (cs, Richter Scale, 2023)
LACK OF KNOWLEDGE – The Univited – The Uninvited (cs, 1981 re: Floating Mill, 2023)
NATURAL INFORMATION SOCIETY – Stigmergy – Since Time Is Gravity (Eremite, 2023)
ORGANZA RAY – Calling the Steam – The Table Followed Us (BC, 2023)
SHAPOVAL SEXTET – Pervonennia – Kobzareva Duma, 1976 (1976, re: Muscat, 2020)
ARMAGEDDON – Buzzard – Armageddon (A&M, 1975)
HOT CHOCOLATE – Cicero Park – Cicero Park (Big Tree, 1974)
MINX / ZIMMERMAN – Dreams That Money Can Buy – Minx / Zimmerman (Freudian Backroom, 1985)

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