Eleni Poulou with Brian Turner on NTS, January 6, 2023

Aired on NTS UK. Eleni is in Berlin and host of the great Elope show on Cashmere, KASTRA on Movement Athens Radio as well as making great solo recordngs and with Bomb Sniffing Dogs and of course is a veteran of The Fall, Zen-Faschisten and more. Tune in, we always have a fun set together (see two previous episodes on brianturnershow.com)

LOST SOUNDBYTES – Brain’s Rewind – A Given Moments (Phase Group, 2022)
ACIDIC MALE – Dreameater – Alkaline pH (New York Haunted, 2022)
BOMB SNIFFING DOGS – Pills ‘N’ Thrills ‘N’ Energy Bills (BC, 2022)
KK JUNKER – Destiny Drip – Class Projects Vol. 2 (BC, 2022)
MEMORIALS – There Are Other Worlds (cs, Duophonic, 2022)
DIE MIßBILDUNGEN DES MENSCHEN – DMDM 949 v3 – V/A: WSOHOIDPS Vol. 1 (Ship In the Woods, 2015)
MSYLMA & ISMAEL – مذاهب الغفران / The Tenets of Forgiveness – مذاهب النسيان / The Tenets of Forgetting (Éditions Appærent, 2021)
MR NARRATOR MR CRICKET – Ecstasy – V/A: Mediterrana 2 – Exotic Sounds From Athens (Labros Tsamis Archives, 2017)
ELENI POULOU – Home Cities – Karta (BC, 2022)
MANCHESTER STREET SOUL SOUNDTAPES – Excerpt – All Bad Boy & All Good Girl: Manchester Street Soul Soundtapes, 1988-1996 (Death Is Not the End, 2022)

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