Brian Turner Overdrive, Slack City/Totally Radio Brighton, Episode 3

New episode of a BONUS bi-weekly blast courtesy of an all new one hour adventure on Slack City Radio called Brian Turner Overdrive. You can stream it via Totally Radio’s site, live airtimes are every other Tuesday at 9am ET/2pm UK on Slack City but the stream is linked here. And a new 2 hour Brian Turner Show is coming this week in the usual spots.

NAUJAWANANA BAIDER – Asir-e Jang – Volume 1 & 2 (Ramble, 2022)
UNKNOWN – Shit Hot – V/A: Pure Wicked Tune: Rare Groove Blues Dances & House Parties, 1985-1992 (Death Is Not the End, 2022)
THE LYMAN WOODWARD ORGANIZATION – Déjà Vu – V/A: John Sinclair Presents Detroit Artists Workshop (Strut, 2022)
LOU REED – Buzz Buzz Buzz – Words and Music , May 1965 (Light In the Attic, 2022)
MX-80 SOUND – Vague/Life Insurance – Big Hits and Other Bits (1976, re: Supreme Echo, 2022)
THE SAME SAME – Needle In the Camel’s Eye – Before and After Eno (NL, 2022)
SICK TO THE BACK TEETH – B5 – Maximized Rhythms (BC, 2022)
EGOR – Street – 7″ (1970 re: Ancient Grease 2021)
THE VERLAINES – Blanket Over the Sky – Way Out Where (Slash, 1993)
TAMMO HESSELINK – Nice Headache – Sewei (Nous’klaer Audio, 2022)
ROXANE METAYER – Rousserole et Locustelle – Visage Zygène (cs, Wabi-Sabi Tapes, 2022)
EUPHOTIC – Jovian Whistlers – Conjugate Regions (Ikuisuus, 2022)

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