Brian Turner Show, Episode 50, October 25, 2021

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EUGENE CHADBOURNE & JIM McHUGH – Bad Scene – Bad Scene (Post Present Medium, 2021)
BZDET – Winda – Witam (Syf, 2021)
GONG – Sold To the Highest Buddha – Angel’s Egg (Virgin, 1973)
BERTIE MARSHALL – Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke Ya – Exhibit (Upset the Rhythm, 2021)
GOTOU – WET背 – Gotou (Inu Wan Wan, 2021)
SKOALKANS – Nervous Breakdown – V/A: Perpendicular Jello (cs, Primordial Sid’s, 1985)
THOREME – Les Artisans – Les Artisans (Maple Death, 2021)
ENO – Seven Deadly FInns – 7″ (Island, 1974)
JOHN HINCKLEY – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Spotify, 2021)
D.O.A. – Fucked Up Ronnie – Bloodied But Unbowed (Alternative Tentacles, 1983)
URIN – Plone – Afekt (Iron Lung, 2021)
FOLTERAAR – Untitled – 7″ (The Throat, 2014)
MALTASH – صلي على الموت – V/A: Resist To Exist (Avon Terror Corps/Exist Festival, 2021)
JLIN – Embryo – Embryo (Planet Mu, 2021)
UNKNOWN – Gap Choun – Dao Cham (Long Dress YAO) – V/A: MIEN (YAO) – Cannon Singing in China, Vietnam, Laos (Sublime Frequencies, 2021)
PANCRACE – In the Evening – The Fluid Hammer (Penultimate Press, 2019)
STEPHEN – Little Audrey – Radar of Small Dogs (Flying Nun, 1988 re: Yellow Electric, 2021)
SON OF DRIBBLE – Dusty – Dusty (World of Birds, 2021)
VIRGIL SHAW – Dancin Poodle – At the Time I Didn’t Care (NL, 2021)
LORETTE VELVETTE – Eager Boy – 7″ (Singles Going Steady, 1993)
THE FALL – Words of Expectation – Biel, Switzerland, 2/1/83
HARVEY MATUSOW’S JEWS HARP BAND – Wetsocks/War Between Fats and Thins – War Between Fats and Thins (Head, 1969)
COCHANNE – Trop – Emergency (Sorry State, 2021)
GOLDBLUM – Fata Morgana – Of Feathers and Bones (KRAAK, 2021)
EIJI NAKAYAMA – Far-Away Road – Aya’s Samba (Johnny’s Disc, 1978, re: Ultra-Vybe, 2021)
GOD IS WAR – Grimey Gully Shit – Abou Knees (cs, Portrayal of Guilt, 2021)
PHEW – Days Nights – New Decade (Mute, 2021)

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