Brian Turner Show, July 19, 2021 with Will Sergeant

Formed 1978, Liverpool’s Echo and the Bunnymen evolved into one of post-punk’s most legendary and successful units, going from skeletal, drum-machine inflected beginnings to an expansive, colorful neo-psychedelic presence on record and stage, becoming critical faves with such LPs as Crocodiles, Heaven Up Here, Porcupine, Ocean Rain. The powerful rhythmic section of Les Pattinson and the late Pete De Freitas propelled the lofty poetic lyricisms of singer Ian McCulloch, but guitarist Will Sergeant, the defacto music director of the band, was a creative innovator of the highest order as the band progressed and toured around the world. In tune with both 60’s psych/garage roots and forward-thinking freeform guitar style, his sounds both added subtle texture and eruptive passages, and a look at some key live tracks on the show today from mainly 1981-85 illustrates some moments of the Bunnymen’s higher ruling. Super excited to have Will visit the show today to talk some history as well as his brand new forthcoming memoir Bunnyman, out in the states next month. It focuses on Will’s formative years in post-war Liverpool, his musical DNA and the path to their eventual big break with Sire after establishing themselves on the Eric’s club scene with kindred spirits like Julian Cope’s Teardrop Explodes. Huge thanks to Will for coming by! As well as thanks to Kelley Stoltz and the folks at Third Man for helping get us together! New episodes every two weeks at this site and you can get these shows also at:  Buzzsprout, Deezer, PodchaserPodcast Addict. And Apple Podcasts too. We are streaming the show live every other Wednesday (this episode on Wednesday, July 21, 10am ET/4pm CET) on Efferalgang Radio in Paris, and those archives will live on their You Tube channel or Mixcloud channel thereafter. We are also live Thursday, July 22nd on Veneno Radio in São Paulo, 10am-12pm ET as well. If playing right off this embed below results in some holdups, just click on the actual other links and stream. Or just download on Apple Podcasts. Thanks as always for tuning in everyone, it’s much appreciated. We love to hear from you on socials, or send music direct too,


Nocturnal Me – Live on The Tube UK TV 1983
No Dark Things: Elixir Festival Site du festival, Saint-Pabu, Finistère (Bretagne), France; July 18, 1982
Heaven Up Here: Elixir Festival Site du festival, Saint-Pabu, Finistère (Bretagne), France; July 18, 1982
Broke My Neck: Rockpalast, Bochum, Germany, March 5th 1983
With A Hip: Rockpalast, Bochum, Germany, March 5th 1983
All That Jazz: Royal Albert Hall, July 19, 1983
Never Stop: Royal Albert Hall, July 19, 1983
Friction: Karen, Gothenburg, Sweden, April 25,1985
Crocodiles: Royal Albert Hall, July 19, 1983
Thorn of Crowns: Live on The Tube, UK TV 1983 
Simple Stuff (B-Side, Rescue 7″, Korova 1980)
Over Your Shoulder (B-Side, Bring On the Dancing Horses 7″, Korova 1985)
Angels and Devils (B-Side, Silver 7″, Korova/WEA 1984)
Track II – Themes For Grind (92 Happy Customers, 1982)
Theme 6 – Themes For Grind (92 Happy Customers, 1982)
Over The Wall: Royal Albert Hall, July 19, 1983

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