Brian Turner Show Episode 39, June 21, 2021

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TAQBIR – Aisha Kandishi – Victory Comes For Those Who Fight For a Right Cause (La Vida Es En Mus, 2021)
MONONEGATIVES – Mandatory – Fascimile EP (Squirrel Shit/Mimetics, 2021)
SPARKS – White Women – Big Beat (Island, 1976)
METABOLISMUS – Je Te Connair Chevalier – Don’t Low Up To the Amped Buenaes (Feeding Tube, 2018)
MONO PAUSE – Why Am I Life – Don’t Low Up To the Amped Buenaes (Feeding Tube, 2018)
SHIT AND SHINE – 5 Yes 9 10! – 229 2299 Girls Against Shit (Riot Season, 2009)
SORCERY – On the Bias – Synovial Membrane – Mirrors of Perception (Bedouin, 2021)
HOT CHOCOLATE – Emma – Cicero Park (Big Tree, 1974)
TRASH COMPANY – No Time – Earle Hotel Tapes 1979-93 (PPU/Steady Sounds, 2012)
DUMA – Mbukinya – Cannis 7″ (Sub Pop, 2021)
DRELNOCH – Silhouettes – Blatant Disregard (Moonworshipper, 2021)
CIRCLE – Neverending Dinner – 6000km/hr (Full Contact, 2014)
MAX JULIAN EASTMAN – Out of Vogue – Pygmalian Styled & Out of Vogue (Tribe Tapes, 2021)
PAUL CHAIN – Get Down – Paul Chain Is Dead Vol. 1 (Horn of Plenty, 2021)
STEPHEN SPERA – The Oldest New Day – D.A. #013 A.D. 2021 (Dust Archive, 2021)
THE FALL – Fiery Jack – Live at the Club, Cambridge MA 1979
ANGST VOR TANZEN – Puppet Rebel – VA: Influx (Flux, 1984)
RANCID VAT – Joy To the World – No Royalties! No Loyalties! 7″ (Al, 1990)
OSTSEETRAUM – Freilich – Ostseetraum (Adagio 830, 2021)
FANCY ROSY – Punk Police – 7″ (Mamicha Music, 1977)
SOURSOB – Blow – Soursob (Hozac, 2021)
CIA DEBUTANTE – Pier – 7″ (SDZ, 2021)
MIENAKUNARU – Blood Sun – Bloodsun (BC, 2021)
BILL HORIST – So Bright, We Cast Shadow In All Directions – Tastemaker Epics (Cudighi, 2021)

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