Brian Turner Show, Episode 38, June 7, 2021

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SWELL MAPS – Armadillo – Mayday Signals (1978, Easy Action, 2021)
RUTH – Mescalito – Thierry Muller: Rare and Unreleased 1974-84 (Fractal, 2007)
RODION G.A. – Cantel Fulger – The Lost Tapes (Strut, 2013)
CORIN – Enantiodromia – Enantiadromia (UIQ, 2021)
TOMORROW’S GIFT – Jazzi Jazzi – VA: Strain Crack and Break Vol. 2 (1973, Finders Keepers, 2021)
FOURTH WORLD QUARTET – The Transformation of Oz – 1975 (Cuneiform, 2021)
FLORRY – Older Girlfriend – The Big Fall (12XU, 2021)
TESTAA ROSSO – Testaa Rosso – 7″ (Bemböle Cassettes, 2018)
VITAL IDLES – The Garden – My Sentiments (Not Unloved, 2016)
LITTLE CHARLIE – You Can Never Come Home (? 60s found acetate)
ROSE MERCIE – Marie Toi-de-Moi – (VA: Spasmes du Hasard – 20+1 Years of SDZ Records (SDZ, 2021)
PANOPTIQUE – Slippery – How Did You Find Me? (Macadam Mambo, 2021)
REGLER – No Wave – Regel #11 (No Wave) (At War With False Noise, 2021)
ARTHUR RHANES – Live in Prospect Park Bandshell, 1977
JAGATARA – Kuninamashe – 南蛮渡来 (Ugly Orphans, 1982)
CZN – On An Asset Tip – Commutator (Offen Music, 2021)
LORRAINE JAMES – Simple Stuff – Reflection (Hyperdub, 2021)
ALAN AND RICHARD BISHOP – I Deal a Stick/Rodent With a View (live Knitting Factory 6/22/08, edited b’cast on my old WFMU show)
TNA – Khomeini – (alleged Iranian 80’s HC?? Hm…)
ELECTRIC VOMIT – No End – 1979 Montreal Punk! (Garbage Bag, 2007)
ICP / INSTANT COMPOSERS POOL – HRRG II – Incipient ICP 1966-71 (Corbett Vs. Dempsey, 2021)
SUSAN ALCORN, LEILA BORDREUIL, INGRID LAUBROCK – Indigo Blue (Wayfarin’ Stranger) – Bird Meets Wire (Relative Pitch, 2021)

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