Brian Turner Show, Episode 26, December 13, 2020

New episodes every two weeks at this site and you can get these shows also at:  Buzzsprout, Deezer, PodchaserPodcast Addict. And Apple Podcasts too. We are streaming the show live every other Wednesday (this episode on December 16th, 10am ET/4pm CET) on Efferalgang Radio in Paris, and those archives will live on their You Tube channel thereafter. If playing right off this embed below results in some holdups, just click on the actual other links and stream. Or just download on Apple Podcasts. Thanks as always for tuning in everyone, it’s much appreciated and been great being back in the radio saddle for this long, weird year. We love to hear from you on socials, or send music direct too,

THE TRASH COMPANY – Electra Glide – Earle Hotel Tapes 1979-93 (PPU/Steady Sounds, 2012)
BOISEN T. HANSEN – Rundt Om Dig Selv – (BC, 2020)
ARKETH – The Fool Who Persists In His Folly – 12 Winter Moons Comes the Witches Brew (Transcending Obscurity, 2018)
EL AMOR – On the Midnight Bus – Love (Capitol Mexico, 1972)
THE FALL – Why Are People Grudgeful (live at Hallam University, Sheffield UK 4/7/93)
DR. PETE LARSON AND HIS CYTOTOXIC NANTITI BAND – Abiro – Dr. Pete Larson and His Cytotoxic Nantiti Band (Dagoretti, 2020)
GUESS WHAT – Al Khawarizmi – Split 7″ w/Porest (Les Disques Bongo Joe, 2020)
GONG – Dynamite/I Am Your Animal – Camembert Electrique (BYG, 1971)
THE SOCIAL STOMACH – Insect Fax – Split CS w/Body Shame (Bento, 2020)
OKSUN OX – Family Fun – I Don’t Care I Already Told You (Round Bale, 2020)
MUNCHEN KONFLIKT – Feel My Body – V/A: Crooked To Death Vol III (Stoned To Death, 2020)
LEBENDEN TOTEN – Forced Consent – Synaptic Noise Dissociation (Iron Lung, 2020)
STEPHEN – Loved By You – Radar of Small Dogs (Flying Nun 1993, RE Joyful Noise, 2020)
NIGHTSHIFT – Make Kin – Zöe (Trouble In Mind, 2021)
SUZMENBA – 私とピアノ – Faint Memory (Scilli Disques, 2015)
KEN NORDINE – Vidiots – Word Jazz (Dot, 1957)
ICEPLANTS – Hanoi Jane – Happytime At the Wow Club (Small Tools Tradition, 1985)
LEON RAUSCH – Hanoi Jane – 7″ (Derrick, 1973)
CRESTON SPIERS – Cut Back Off the Lights – Brown Dwarf (Program, 2020)
MARIKA POLITISSA – Niavent Manes – All Parts Dark (Mississippi/Olvido, 2020)
DREIDIMENSIONAL – Schiss – Dreidimensional (1983, Lanzelot/Rotten Totten 2007)
CABARET VOLTAIRE – Gut Level (live Liverpool Warehouse, 6/12/82)
VIZOR – Secure Type – Secure Type (BC, 2020)
TORU – Trotteur Orlov – Toru (Jarane/Pied De Biche/Araki/Poutrage, 2020)
SICK TO THE BACK TEETH – No Xmas For John Quays – The Sinner’s Friend (BC, 2020)
GNOD – They Live – Easy To Build, Hard To Destroy (Rocket, 2021)
RAZORLEGS – Peace Viper – Diamond Dust EP (NL, 2018)
USA/MEXICO – Chorizo – Del Rio (12XU, 2021)
MY BLOODY SEX PARTY – Fifty Years Later, He Died – Vol. 1 (Zoomin Night, 2020)


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