Brian Turner Show Episode 21 with Elena Poulou, October 7, 2020

Today’s a super special show as it’s a joint tagteam effort with fellow DJ and friend Elena Poulou. Elena’s monthly show Elope on Cashmere Radio has been mandatory listening for artful soundscapes and local spotlighting of all the good music, art, DIY-publishing she’s been a tireless supporter of, and I’m super psyched to share a program together. Of course we’ve played her music a bunch in the past: Bomb Sniffing Dogs, Nohe Noshe, and The Fall, where she contributed 2002-2016), and play some today as well before we sail off on 90 minutes of freeform selections across the spectrum. You can hear Elope every first Tuesday at 4:30 PM ET/10:30 PM CET at Cashmere Radio. Thanks Elena! And as usual we will have new episodes every two weeks at this site and you can get these shows also at:

Buzzsprout,Deezer,PodchaserPodcast Addict. And Apple Podcasts too. Thanks for listening as always.

VAN HALEN – Ed rippin faces off live 1977 RIP**********
THE OFFSET – Stomp – Spectacles EP (Rose Mansion Analog, 2011)
THE SOFT BOYS – It’s Not Just the Size of A Walnut -1976-81 (Rykodisc, 1993)
BOMB SNIFFING DOGS – National + – Acid 2000 (White Hotel, 2020)
THE FALL – Reformation – Live BBC 6 Festival, 2/21/15
PIERRE ELITAIR – Quand Un Gendarme Rit (’80s live w/Max Combo live at Radio Centraal, Antwerp) – Gedigitaliseerde Cassettes (Ultra Eczema, 2020)

BESTOW (ELENI POULOU & ALAN DUNN) – Excerpt – Cassette 2020
CYRIL CYRIL – Les Gens – Yallah Mickey Mouse (Born Bad, 2020)
SHARHABIL AHMED – Argos Farfish – Habibi Funk 013: The Kind of Sudanese Jazz (Habibi Funk, 2020)
KAI ALTHOFF – Mir Dir Wohin – Aber Mich Mach’s Traurig (Sonig, 2020)
EASTER MONKEYS – Cheap Heroin – V/A: Cleveland Confidential (Terminal, 1982, re: Superior Viaduct, 2020)
BUNNYBRAINS – Do You Love Me (Kiss cover) – Live WFMU 9/22/96 (available for free download at
JAMES MARRS – Preaching – No Worries If Not (Laura Lies In, 2020)
OBNOX – She (Was About That Life) – Savage Raygun (Ever/Never, 2020)
N.M.O. – Non Mi E Piaciuto – Nuova Musica Ostinata (Gang of Ducks, 2019)
OLIVIA MUTANT JOHN & WRONG TRAVOLTA – Seance – Let’s Get Lhysicap (Avon Terror Corps, 2020)
JET STREAM PONY – Yellow Pills – 7″ (Spinout Nuggets, 2020)
JOWE HEAD & THE HOUSEHUNTERS – Chirpy Chirpy Cheap Cheap – V/A: He Didn’t Even Draw A Fish On My Shower Curtain (Mermaid, 1992)
THE FALL – Higgle-Dy Piggle-Dy – Nottingham Rescue Room, Nottingham UK 10/24/05
D.A.F. – Verlieb Dich In Mich – 7″ (Virgin, 1982)
SPRUNG AUS DEN WOLKEN – Es Wird Noch Mal – Sprung As Den Wolken (cs, Das Cassetten Combinat, 1981)

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