Namaakkanttekeningen Guest Mix, April 9, 2020

Thank you to Steve and Bruges, Belgium radio light Namaakkanttekeningen for inviting me into the company of Jesse Trbovich, MP Hopkins, Jason Lescalleett and others to contribute radio shows, this one is an hour and up now! Dinner cooking tunes for you this weekend. Stay well everyone and thank you everyone who has been listening.

PLAGAL GRIND – Excerpt – Live Sammys, Dunedin NZ 2000 (KFJC Broadcast)
ZNR – Solo Un Dia – Various: Strain Crack & Break: Music From the Nurse With Wound List (Finders Keepers, 2019)
DD MAC OFF – Le Prof a Mac/Off – Various: Bloody Belgium (NL, 1997)
LES BLOUSONS NOIRS – Cherie, O Cherie – 1961-62 (Born Bad, 2007)
SIERRA ALTOIDS – Krosscut Saaawwwwww – 7″ (Nevada County Council of Social Sciences, 1983)
DEEKAY JONES – New York New York – VA: Pulse of New York (Glass, 1983)
THE BILL JONES SHOW – Jad Fair Shook My Hand – Sing Along With the Bill Jones Show (Cass, GGE, 1989)
SPARKS – Angst In My Pants – Angst In My Pants (Atlantic, 1982)
THE CONEHEADS – 46-25666 – Nort American Butthouse Music Collction Tape #45 (Corky Calahan Tape Venderz, 2015, Going for $1095 on discogs!?)
THE MABUSES – Cubicles – The Mabuses (Shimmy Disc, 1991)
THE FALL – Copped It (BBC, 9/29/84)
THORBURN – Brick Wall – 7″ (Mouth, 1979)
SUNN TRIO – Tantric Feedback Resistor – Electric Esoterica (2182 Recording Co., 2020)
VAN HALEN – Eruption – Pasadena 1977 (NL)
EGOR – Street (live) – VA: Downer Rock Genocide (Audio Archives, 2000)

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